Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Atheist Experience

I'd like to mention the Atheist Community of Austin and their weekly Cable Access show/Google Video feed/Podcast. I usually download the podcast and listen in the car on the commute/ The main host, Matt Dillahunty is an acerbic raconteur who has about ten seconds more of tolerance than I do for the lunacy of the deluded. Matt was studying to be a Baptist minister before his reality epiphany. He shares screen time with a rotating crew of co-hosts. It is worth a look or listen and they have a blog as well. Here are the related links:

The Atheist Experience TV Show

The Atheist Experience Blog

The Atheist Experience Podcast

The Atheist Experience Videocast

They meet for dinner and drinks after each show and were quite content with reaching the hippest crowd in Texas. Recently, they have entertained callers from Ireland to Japan. Give it a try.

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