Thursday, October 23, 2008

Robert G. Ingersoll

I don't think enough could be written about Robert Ingersoll. Colonel Ingersoll was a Civil War Veteran who lived from 1833 to 1899. He filled lecture halls with believers and non-believers alike during the Golden Age of Freethought, during which The Origin of the Species was popularized, Women's Suffrage was pushed, and religious fundamentalism was challenged in the political, social, and scientific arenas. The son of a preacher man, we could use a man like Robert G. Ingersoll again. He made people think.

Here Ingersoll speaks on the Unholy Bible.

About The Holy Bible

More Ingersoll quotes:

"The ministers are in duty bound to denounce all intellectual pride, and show that we are never quite so dear to God as when we admit that we are poor, corrupt and idiotic worms; that we never should have been born; that we ought to be damned without the least delay.... The old creed is still taught. They still insist that God is infinitely wise, powerful and good, and that all men are totally depraved. They insist that the best man god ever made, deserved to be damned the moment he was finished."

"Strange but true: those who have loved God most have loved men least."

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